Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why Goblins/ The Goblin Trader.

Why Goblins/ The Goblin Trader.

At one time some people believe Fairy served as a depositary for  all those things we see in ourselves that are Dark and make us uncomfortable.  Those appetites and desires that we are afraid of looking at too closely because they reveal to much of our true selves and fears.  The belief is Fairy was made up of these things and a why for us to look at them with some "distance"  so we could come to terms with those parts of ourselves.    Fairies where lustful and ruled by their emotions.  They could  look scary and creepy but hide a gentile/healing soul beneath that scary exterior full of creatively if only we dared look beneath the surface.  The beautiful fairies often hid a much darker truth beneath their surface when we really looked closely.  
  Over time Fairy has become sanitized.  The modern idea of fairy is much different.  When asked about Fairy most people think of winged pixies and nymphs dancing in the sun light and fields covered in morning dew.  The Light and The Illusion, the seelie court.
Forgotten is that the truth is what is beneath the surface.   Those Dark parts of ourselves that teach us about our true selves, that used to be what fair was made of...  They have been given to the Unseelie court/The Goblins.  This the Goblins have become a better  mirror for our modern subconscious. If we are willing to look beneath the surface and face our fears.  If we are willing to face the truth about ourselves we no longer look at fairy,,,,  we look at the GOBLINS!

   If you want Pretty words and Dances Go play with the Seelie .   We are the Unseelie. Our dances will leave you bloodied and our words may not be pretty, but they are Honest and not clouded by Sarcasm or double meaning.


  1. Come to the Unseelie...we have brimstone cookies.

  2. Hm, I'm liking this. Must think more on it. - Jessica

    1. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it Jessica. My business name is The Goblin trader so I think about this type of thing often.